Top 10 weight loss and dieting myths in 2021 busted

The extensive range of diet tips and debates among thousands of researchers has left us perplexed. These days it's almost impossible to differentiate between myths and facts. Well, certain topics will always remain debatable. However, what we can tell you for sure, is that your weight loss and dieting journeys are going off track if you are following these weight loss and dieting myths that are going viral. 

Here's a much-awaited and most necessary list for busting the top 10 weight loss and dieting myths in 2021. Let's jump right in. 

Myth #1 - Skipping meals = weight loss 

This is the number one dieting myth that is not just popular today but has been imbued in your minds for a long time. Skipping meals results in nothing more than hunger pangs and, in turn, more food intake during the next meals. 

It also causes shifts in your metabolism levels, causing you to go on a snack spree. Thus, skipping meals can never be an option for healthy weight loss. Your control over eating habits, that's what matters.

#2 - High proteins, less fat

No doubt proteins are necessary for a diet but only opting for protein-rich foods like meat or cheese can cause you cholesterol problems. High protein essentially forces your body to store it in the form of fats, which negates the entire purpose of your diet. 

This is why remember always to keep your diet balanced with equal amounts of all nutritional elements and avoid diet myths like this one. 

#3 - You can't do much; the weight gain is genetic

Don't believe in weight loss myths like this. Have you ever heard of fat DNA? No? That is because there isn't one. No parents can pass down high-fat levels of obesity to their children. What generally happens is that the unhealthy eating habits of the parents are in turn influencing a bad lifestyle on the child. 

So, genetics don't play a role here. Daily workouts and healthy eating habits are all that counts. 

#4 - Having a set workout routine helps 

Of so many myths of weight loss, this one might seem more believable. That's why many people make this mistake. Having the same workout routine every day is not going to help you. To lose weight, your body needs various exercises, including yoga, cardio, and bodyweight exercises. 

If you keep repeating the same workout every day, at some point, your body gets used to it, and the weight gain process shall start again. So remember to ignore this weight loss myth and include different types and patterns of exercises in your routine. 

Having a set workout routine

#5 - Preferring baked over fried snacks cuts you a slack 

Well, this one, in a way, is true. But it depends on what kind of snacks you are eating. Preferring chicken, nuts, and chips that are baked is a good idea. This allows you to lessen the oil intake and keep away excess fats. 

On the contrary, if you eat a snack like bhakarwadi that's baked and not fried, you are probably doing it all wrong. Some snacks go through a lot of processing to get a good taste. Even though such snacks are baked, they could be just as bad as fried ones, or even more.

#6 - Nutritional weight loss supplements are the best choice 

Here we go busting all the old weight loss and dieting myths. No, weight loss supplements can never be a good choice for a healthy lifestyle. These nutritional supplements increase bowel movements or work by removing all the fats in your body altogether. 

This is not at all healthy as it causes the essential fatty and amino acids to leave your body as well. Thus, using nutritional supplements is not an answer for healthy and consistent weight loss. 

#7 - Low fat = low calories 

Here's another one from the classic myths of weight loss. Many of the innocents purchase low-fat meals or fat-free meals to reduce calorie intakes. Little do you know that low fat doesn't mean low calories. 

Many food products might have fewer amounts of fats, but other added carbohydrates or sugars might be present. This is why don't just blindly pick the fat-free products; go ahead and check the actual calorie content on them. 

#8 - Carbohydrates result in fatness

While there are arguments about these diet myths, there's no denying that carbohydrates do provide a lot of energy to the body. Carbohydrates have fewer calories compared to fats, yet many diets focus on cutting down on carbs. 

Even though such diets can cause weight loss, it has been proven that such results do not remain consistent. That means the weight gain process is likely to start again soon. 

#9 - Fast food must be kept at bay 

You will thank us for busting this weight loss myth. Fast food is not always unhealthy. You can go for a healthy diet and still opt for fast food. Nowadays, everyone has gotten particular about their diets and hygiene, there are thousands of fast food outlets that give you a choice to get a tailored meal for yourself. Opting for such fast-food joints on some days might be a good change. 

#10 - Fat = unhealthy and slim = healthy 

Completely wrong! Nobody has ever proved any research similar to this one. This is one of the biggest weight loss and dieting myths in 2021. 

Even though it's true that obesity can attract a few chronic diseases, slim people are often equally at risk. It mostly depends on where the amount of fat in the body gets stored. There are plenty of people who, despite being obese, are metabolically healthy and leading a disease-free life. Similarly, even slim people suffer from chronic diseases.

Final words 

Being in a physically fit shape is a choice, and if one is willing to make it, one has to work for it. A balanced diet, regular workout, and healthy eating habits are definitely at the core of weight loss. Walk on these three steps, forget about all the weight loss and dieting myths and you'll be good to go! 

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