The Best Yoga Books For Beginner Yogis


A perfect combination of mental and physical exercises, yoga is much more than physical activity. It is a whole lifestyle change that has this magical power to strengthen your body and calm down your chaotic mind; something we all need in today’s fast-paced life. 

If you are a beginner yoga lover and looking to dig a little deeper into the depths of yoga, you need to get your hands on some of the best yoga books. We have listed down some of the best yoga books for beginner yogis. Here have a look: 


1- Light is the New Black - Rebecca Campbell 

A wonderful post-yoga read, this book by Rebecca Campbell is a life changer for sure. It is more of a guidebook that will guide you on connecting your inner true self so you can make light up every place you go with your presence. Rebecca has shared her journey of soul awakening in this thought-provoking book. From having her first awakening to finding tools to connect to the soul, you will connect with every part of her journey. The book focuses on how important it is to connect with ourselves in order to thrive in this modern-day world. 


2- The Beauty Chef Gut Guide by Carla Oates

A rightful partner of another famous book by the author, The Beauty Chef, this book focuses on a better understanding of science defining the link between skin health and gut. The book lays out an 8-week plan that throws light on the functioning of the gut, meal plans that repair and reprogram your gut as well as a total of 90 delicious recipes, Not only this the book also emphasizes the importance of cleanliness, mindfulness, and yoga in order to lead healthy lives. The book has a very eye-catching design and photographs tempting the readers to try out the recipes.


3- Ancient Wisdom, Modern World by Dalai Lama 

A complement to Dalai Lama’s autobiography “freedom in Exile”, this book called Ancient Wisdom Modern World: Ethics for the New Millennium is not just another book. In fact, it is a spiritual handbook that is enjoyable as well as super inspirational. In this book, the Dalai Lama brings attention to the spiritual void that exists in today’s world with the advancements in science and technology. Bringing attention to the truths of the universe that have stood the test of time and guides us on how to live a happy life that is meaningful and fulfilling. You will be in awe of the Dalai Lama;’s wisdom as well as his teachings by the time you get done with the book. 


4- How Not to Die by Michael Gregor, MD 

Known as the best book on diet and nutrition, this is an absolute life-altering epiphany. True to its name, this book focuses on the top 15 illnesses or diseases that cause premature deaths in the US. Not only this, Micheal who is also the owner of Nutrition Facts focuses on the nutritional and lifestyle interventions that can prevent you from diseases in a very practical and doable manner. With all the advice backed up with strong science-based evidence, Dr. Gregor literally tells you ways to save yourself from diseases leading to premature deaths by teaching you a wellness lifestyle. Also, he presents his famous Dr. Gregor’s Daily Dozen in this book which is a checklist of 12 foods that one should consume every day in order to live a healthy and disease-free life. 


5- The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

A Sun-Tzu for the soul, this book is a must-read for every yoga lover. It is more like a practical and succinct guide that tells you the secret to be successful in every creative area of life. The book tells us how resistance plays a great role in keeping us from doing our best work. The authors unveil that all of us have two lives within ourselves; one that we live before becoming a pro and the other one after that. What stands in between two lives is resistance that is our biggest enemy. Explaining resistance in detail, he also guides us to unlock our potentials. 


6- The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety by Alan Watts

Claimed as a “perfect guide to a course correction in life” by Deepak Chopra, this book is an actual message for everyone. The book mentions the majority of us that spend all of our time anticipating the future so much that we forget to be in the present moment. We forget to acknowledge the moment we are in let alone be grateful for it as we think about our unseen future. After highlighting this common habit, Alan Watts presents a mind-shift inspired by Eastern Philosophy that says that the only way to learn anything is to first acknowledge what we do not and cannot learn. In other words, embracing our inabilities is the key to knowing fully our capabilities. 


7- Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living by Donna Farhi


One of the best books for yoga lovers, this will blow your mind off as Donna Farhi takes yoga practices from yoga mats into your daily lives calling it a philosophy of life. In this book, the renowned author and yogi first expands the concepts of Patanjali Yoga Sutras that is the core of yoga traditions. Then she explains how yoga is a life-transforming habit and also the secret to stress management. Emphasizes how yoga is the path to connect with our inner self. Narrating her own journey, Farhi takes the readers by the hand through the expected pitfalls during the process. Being one of the highly qualified yoga teachers around the world, her book is a guiding light for every beginner yogi. 


8- Training in Compassion by Norman Fischer

In a world we are constantly seeking moments of zen, this book is everything. Norman Fischer explains the concept of Lojong, the ancient Tibetan Buddhist that makes use of little slogans to create bodhicitta - a mindset that focuses on empathy, compassion, and awakening. The writer explains how this practice has been benefiting people for a thousand years as the history of it goes back to 900 A.C. within the last two decades, the practice has gathered more western adherents all due to the influence of Pema Chödrön - an American Buddhist teacher that played the role of taking the Buddhist teachings to around the world. In this book, Fischer explains 59 slogans and encourages people from all religions and age groups to try these out in order to achieve zen. 


9- The Secret of the Yoga Sutra by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

An ABC of the Yoga Sutra, this book is what every yoga lover needs to read at all costs. Known as the living wisdom source of the ancient yoga tradition the book has all the relevant text that was once coded by Patanjali. With this authentic and truthful guide, you will be able to unlock the secrets and hidden powers of yoga. The book is more like the commentary of the Yoga Sutra by a first practitioner and throws light on the scholarly journey of Pandit Tigunait as he uncovered the secrets of yoga. The helpful guidebook also enlightens the yogis on the yoga practices of Pandit that he has gained over the years and the wisdom that he gained from the great teachers of Himalayan Tradition. 


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