Pre and post workout skincare- Everything explained

Exercise makes one happier and healthier and sweating it out is a roadmap for achieving healthy and glowing skin. However, not having a proper and disciplined pre and post workout skincare routine can damage the skin. 

Maintaining a good pre and post workout skincare routine will make a difference in how you look when you come out of the session and in the long term as well. When you exercise regularly, you should know which products are beneficial as well as dangerous for your skin.  

Are pre and post workout skincare routines necessary? 

The inevitable sides of exercising regularly i.e. the friction and sweating have their advantages as well as disadvantages. 

A skincare routine before workout is important because working out with debris, dirt, or even makeup can wreak havoc on your skin.  

On the other hand, a skincare routine after workout is equally necessary because you are likely all sweaty, which if left sitting can cause potential breakouts on your skin. 

This is why we have curated a simple pre and post workout skincare routine for your next sweat session. 

Pre workout skin care routine 

  •  Remove makeup and clean your face 

This is a fundamental step. You need to clean your face properly with micellar water or a gentle cleanser and take off any makeup you are wearing. The body heat from a workout is going to open your pores and makeup will only cause it to settle in them. 

Tip – Use a lightweight hydrating cleanser if you have dry skin. 

  • Apply a toner or facial mist

Find yourself a good calming toner or facial mist that suits your skin as hydrating is a necessary step. 

Tip – Hydrating yourself is important, not only externally but internally as well. Therefore, do not forget to drink water while you are working out. 

A calming toner or facial mist is refreshing enough for boosting your energy. It is potentially positive for your skin as well as your performance when you are exercising. 

  • Wear SPF, if outdoors. 

Make sure to wear SPF if you are going outside for a run. These products will help you to keep up with the sweats. 

Tip – Go for heavy waterproof products that absorb quickly.  

  •  Wear makeup (optional) 

If you want to wear makeup, then use non-comedogenic and light products which would not clog your pores. 


  • Bring your gym towel – As they say, cleanliness is the key. 
  • Do not touch your face. 
  • Keep your hair off your face – This helps in preventing oils from clogging your pores. 

Post workout skincare routine 

You can not let the sweat and bacteria residue settle in your face (or your body, for that matter) once you are done working out. 

Tip - Be sure to get out of the tight clothes right away after your workout. This is because moisture-wicking, tight clothes typically can trap dead skin and oil next to your skin for hours and are not breathable, which creates the ideal storm for your body breakout. 

  • Cleanser 

A gentle cleanser will not allow the sweat and bacteria residue to settle in your face and would not be too harmful to your skin.

You should understand that your skin will be more sensitive after a workout. Therefore, the right cleansers will ensure to wash away the bacteria and oils without irritation. 

You should also try to calm your skin by using cool water. This will return your skin temperature to normal quicker by preventing the break-up of blood vessels. 

Tip- If you have dry skin, then try using milky cleansers as they are both soothing and hydrating. 

  • Exfoliate 

After you have cleansed, exfoliate to make sure any lingering grime, dirt, and sweat are entirely removed from your complexion.  

  • Toner or Face Mist 

Calming toner is the first product that you need to apply after you step out of the shower with a cleansed face. 

Tip – Being gentle in this step will be beneficial for your skin. 

Try using a facial mist if you want to make it quicker (like the one mentioned in the pre workout skin care). 

Tip – Ensure that the ingredients of the product you are choosing are not too strong.

  • Moisturizer, Serum, or Gel 

This step of the post workout skincare routine will vary from person to person. workout skin care

Apply serums that aren’t too treatment-like, such as spots or acne serums. This will allow you to address specific concerns of your skin while offering a bit of extra hydration. If you have dry skin, then use a lightweight,  refreshing formula that offers long-lasting hydration while smoothing the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines. 

Secret Tip – Your skin will be perfectly balanced if you use a gel moisturizer on top of the toner. A bit of hydration can also be used for getting you through the day. 

Pick a skin-renewing, lightweight face cream that leaves your skin youthful-looking, glowing, and smooth. 

  • Wear SPF 

Wearing at least a SPF 30 after working out can save you from the harmful aging UVA rays and is highly recommended.

  • Use ice to reduce redness 

If you get easily flushed after working out, grab some ice and suck on it. All the blushing and flushing in your face is reset by a temperature receptor on the hard palate of the mouth if you suck on a piece of ice. 

  • Do not forget your body 

Your body is the most overlooked part of any skincare routine after workout. Take a shower shortly post workout for avoiding any back or chest acne by removing the sweat from your body. 

Tip – Never try to cool down or go to shower straightaway after working out.

Final Words 

This is by far the most effective pre and post workout skincare routines to follow. These simple pre and post workout skincare steps can be easily incorporated in your morning routine if you kick-start your day by working out. 

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