Early Morning Routine For Yogis


Yogis are considered to be one of the most disciplined people in a community. They are epitomes of a healthy lifestyle and habits, but what people are most fascinated about is how these yogis carry themselves in the morning that makes them stay fresh and active for the entire day.  

These morning routines are quite very easy and quick to pick up and have a lot of health benefits. Let us peek into the morning routine that these juvenile yogis follow. Furthermore, we will discuss why these practices are done and how it helps us to stay fresh throughout the day.

#1 Waking up early in the morning 

It is no surprise that yogis always suggest waking up early in the morning, considering it has numerous benefits. It is said that one must wake up between 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM or around dawn. The main reason behind this time range is that this is when the sun rises. Sunlight is a great source of indirect energy. According to Ayurveda, receiving sunlight at sunrise has many benefits for the body and mind.

For this to be a healthy habit you must concentrate that you do not go to bed late at night, you must take care that your body is not sleep deprived. Your body needs approximately 6 hours of sleep. If you are sleeping less than 6 hours or more than 6 hours you will not wake up as fresh as you are supposed to.

#2 Morning Meditation 

A morning meditation right after waking up rejuvenates your aura. It is due to the reason that when you are waking up from your sleep you are very fresh and so is your aura and singing a prayer actually helps in refreshing your aura. Our aura is connected to our spiritual side hence praying to god actually helps in self-love and intrinsic motivation.

Remember : The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control you.  

  #3 Washing Your Face

After you have refreshed your spiritual self you must concentrate on refreshing your physical self or rather your body. This can be done by splashing cold water on your face and washing your eyes with running cold water. Cold water actually gives a sudden trigger to your brain and activates all your nerves. 


Thus you start feeling fresher as your brain is totally active and fully functional. Washing your eyes with running cold water cleans your eyes and gives a similar trigger to all the parts of the eyes and does not allow you to feel dizzy and sleepy. 

One must remember that only running water must be used. Try to avoid using the same water for cleaning your both face and eyes, as it might cause infection and irritation. 

#4 Drinking Water

 Drinking lukewarm water actually helps in cleansing your GI tract and flushes all the toxins your kidneys might have been filtering all night long. This also stimulates peristalsis or the alternate contraction and relaxation of your food pipe that pushes food particles towards the stomach and then to various areas until it has reached the point where it must be disposed of. 


Yogis prefer to drink water kept in a copper jug all night long. The water in a copper jug absorbs some of the copper ions which are very good for your body in the morning you are getting your electrolytes. Now your body is fully hydrated and has the required amount of electrolytes. 

#5 Intoxication

After you have drunk the water, you must concentrate on the removal of all the toxins in your body that have accumulated all night. Thus, Yogis before going to the washroom, do a few squats as this increases bowel movement and helps in easy removal of stools. This is required as in the morning your body must be free of toxins. Now you are completely fresh with your body full of energy and freshness. 

#6 Scraping Your Tongue

Scraping your tongue removes all the dead bacteria that are stuck to our tongue. This not only gives you fresh a breath. Also, it vitalizes important organs as our tongue is connected to many important organs. That is why whenever you visit a doctor, he checks your tongue. 


Our tongue releases the salivary amylase which is the first step of digestion of food thus a clean tongue releases the right amount of the enzyme. There is a technique as to how one must do it. You must do it 7-14 times gently from the back of your tongue to forward. For best results, try metallic tongue scrapers like gold, silver, or copper. 

#7 Gargling And Swooshing 

Gargling with hot water actually strengthens all the muscles of your face and neck. This improves your voice and strengthens your gums of the jaws. Ideally, Yogis, do it with lukewarm and sesame oil twice a day for oral wellness. 

Take some oil in your mouth and move it frantically all around your mouth as such that all part of your mouth is cleansed with it. Keep the oil there for 1-2 minutes. This is an ancient oil cleaning and yogic practice. Gargling helps in anti-aging as when it strengthens the muscles it prevents the muscles from forming loose folds which later become wrinkles.    

#8 Oil Dropping Your Nose 

Oil dropping your nose is nothing but passing oil from one of your nostrils and removing from the other nostril. 

It is as difficult as it sounds. But Yogis have mastered this hard practice too and made it an integral part of their morning routine. 

One can use a neti pot, which is designed to help in the easy delivery of oil into your nostril. Oil dropping of the nose helps lubricate the nostrils, flushes the sinuses or the pockets which contain the mucus, and thus removes the bacterias and dirt from your nose.

Final Words

All the above things are beneficial only if they are made a habit and followed on a daily basis.  It is not easy to live the life of Yogis. We might say their life is simple but it way more difficult than we can imagine. 

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